Why I joined the gym in the first place.

I am a self motivated person. This is a two edged sword. It means I can be incredibly driven, but it also means I can’t be motivated or coerced into doing something I don’t really want to do and that the excuses in my head sometimes win.
My fall 2011 routine of going to the gym 5x a week was awesome. I’m looking forward to resuming it when the time is right. For now, though, I’ve gotta do about half the work here at home. I’m having a little trouble the past week getting started in the morning. Lexi is beginning to develop a schedule, and that’s great! I got up and ate breakfast on time today, and that was great. What should have happened 45 min (max) later was my first workout of the day, but it didn’t. 😦 now it’s seriously time for Lexi to wake up, and I’ve had a nice couple hours reading. Hrmph. Gotta push myself harder!

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