Day 17: 3/6/13

I slept terribly last night. Lexi is having a bit of a reversion in her sleep, which is hard, and I’m sorta at a loss as to how to deal with it other than try to be consistent at the start of the night. Anyway. Food stuff is still going well. Beef lettuce boats for dinner were fantastic! I’m not sure if maybe I should be eating more at meals or what, but I’m finding myself hungry between meals. Gonna work on figuring that out, even as I start working exercise into my day. The schedule I so painstakingly designed is basically moot till Lexi gets back to normal with sleep. I had plenty of energy today despite the bad sleep and really wanted to work out, but needed another day to rest my back-I think this is a sign the Whole30 is starting to boost my energy.

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