Gotta get up on Friday…

i didn’t want to though. and i definitely didn’t want to swim today. it was my best swim yet though, as far as lap times go-every set (10 sets) was under 2:45 and 9/10 were under 2:40. that’s mind blowing for me- especially when you consider it’s the 5th swim of the week and the first week of doing 10 sets instead of the 8 that i did for the first 6 weeks. i’ve had to fight for every stroke and kick this week, but it’s amazing and exhilarating to see and feel how strong i am getting. i realized this morning as i changed out of my swimsuit that weight loss is not my only reward along this journey. i am getting stronger and faster. i’m still working at my stroke, and i know it’ll improve along the way too. i know my breaks between lap sets are a bit longer this week, but i also think that’s understandable considering how hard i’m working. that’ll improve too.
Strength training this week has been not so great- mostly because the swimming has been exhaisting and i don’t want to overtrain, but also because i messed up my knee fairly badly at the beach last week, and i’m trying not to prolong the healing- which limits the exercises i can do more than i initially realized- but i’ve done a little ab and arm work wed and thurs, and i’m going to do some today-or possibly tonight. monday starts level 2 of my Jillian workouts and i’m both excited and trepidatious about that.
let me end this post by sharing this: one of the brightest moments of my day is when i walk in the bedroom after i swim and my husband is lying there alseep, but he wakes up and grets me with a sweet smile and tells me how proud he is of me for how hard i work. it means so much that he sees it and feels that.

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