Shoe Saga.

This story is kinda like the 3 bears- but.. with 4. 🙂

for the past four years i have owned 3 pairs of sneakers.
1: Too Old.
The first pair is these Avia cross trainers. They were great and i loved them, but i bought them in 02 because they were $20 at Costco and now they are old and worn out and very little support for lateral movement. i’ve decided they are my hiking/Walking shoes now.

2:Too Big/too cheap/Wrong fit
This pair of Dr Scholls Dyna Step sneakers were just wrong from the beginning. i bought them because they were inexpensive and i was obsessed with “gellin” they never fit right- too wide, no arch support.

3: Wrong Sport

I love these Nike Running shoes. they are Nike+ compatible and as you might guess, i customized them completely- they were sold to got with the 2 Generation Ipod Nano, which i also got for Christmas 06. I love them, but they are running shoes, which i do not do-yet. I’m gonna keep them (possibly forever) but they are of very little use until i’m able to at least jog.

4: Just right. (i Hope!)

Last week i got orthotics to put in my Dr Scholls, which i hoped would help my foot pain issues when doing cardio. no dice- made it way worse. so last night after trying on many many shoes, i found these. I love these Adidas shoes- they are designed as trail running shoes, but they cradle my foot like nothing i;ve ever felt, so i’m gonna give them a try as Cross trainers. i may be in love.

One thought on “Shoe Saga.

  1. Good for you! Walking is my main exercise and I probably should get myself a better pair of shoes. I'm not having much foot pain since I got my Reeboks but I don't like the way my feet slide around in them. I hope those Adidas trainers do the trick for you.

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