that’s a lot of stairs!

this past thursday, i finally got back to working out hard after a long long illness. i started with my Biggest Loser last chance workout DVD. i did the upper body workout, which was tough. i then almost immediately moved on to an outdoor cardio workout. i walked all the stairs in our apartment complex. it came out to 48 flights of stairs. it took 35 minutes. i finished out the full hour by walking around the neighborhood a couple times. it;s now saturday night and my legs are still crazy sore. been doing a lot of stretching, but no actual workouts since then. (as of monday 2/7)

One thought on “that’s a lot of stairs!

  1. I applaud you mightily for doing those stairs! I have one flight of 10 stairs in my house and I occasionally try to walk up and down them for exercise. I can only manage about five minutes, so 35 minutes is impressive to me. Good job!

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