Intervals Part Deux, and thoughts on my program

after sleeping on it and waking (at 6 AM!!) with no discomfort or soreness in my ankles at all, i’m thinking i’ll keep going with my endurance building interval training. i’m going to start taking Glucosamine soon and s long as i’m careful, i should be fine. Also need to learn and become familiar with the difference between soreness and pain- i mean, my ankles hurt while i run, yes, but they are also getting stronger in theory, which is something i really want. hopefully these runs will help me accomplish that. So WOOOO! 😀
Secondly, i’ve worked and reworked my training program on paper more times than i can count. particularly this week. (one could argue that if i’d spent the time i was thinking and planning actually working out i’d be better off- and they’d be right!) i need to figure out the smartest and most effective way to work out. i really do think interval training is key. keeping the heart rate up and burning max calories while i tone is super important. so that will be my focus, especially in the short term. the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout is interval based, and doesnt let up, so YAY! i think the key isn’t to spend more time working out neccesarily, but to make the time i do spend count. 2-3 hours a day of working smart can be just as effective as 6 hours working moderately hard.
all that said, i should get dressed and start my day! Woo!

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