This falls into a category slightly more personal than i usually share on here, but it’s relevant. I’ve been struggling with my weight off and on since i was 12- it’s no new thing. I’ve successfully lost about 4/5 of my weight twice before, in 03 and 05. i have not however lost it successfully since my miscarriage in 06. part of this is about perseverance, priorities, etc. I’ve never really stuck with it long enough to get out of the 190’s, which usually takes me 2-4 weeks (oh yes, I’ve started a number of times…) and never gotten further than that while on my birth control and antidepressants. a few weeks ago i stopped taking the latter because someone had convinced me that it was part of the cause of my weight issue. i was contemplating going off the pill too. now, PCOS has no medical treatments specifically for it- we kinda borrow from other illnesses and mix and match based on symptoms and needs. the way my doctor and i are managing mine is through the two medications i mentioned above, as well as diet and exercise. it’s the most low maintenance way to do it, and works well for me because though i display most symptoms of PCOS, the most dangerous ones i display mildly- let’s face it, my facial hair is not hurting anything but my pride, my migraines become less frequent all the time, and my weight is a mild issue compared to many women with PCOS who can’t get below 250. as evidenced by my pregnancy in 06, i don’t have a fertility problem, i have an ovulation problem, which proves to be solved by diet and exercise. birth control regulates my irregular period, and the combination of the BC with the antidepressants normalize my depression/anxiety disorder. so, yeah. maybe not the smartest thing to drop the two things that are the only medical involvement i have going on to treat this illness. I’m fairly healthy now (other than the things I’ve listed plus fatigue and pelvic pain from the cysts and the fact that I’m 40 lbs overweight)but this disease is no joke. just by having it i am at exponentially higher risk for all the female cancers and type 2 diabetes. these reasons, and the desire i have to be a mother and a healthy one at that are the reasons i am losing this weight knowing all that, i researched the meds I’m supposed to be taking and found they actually contribute to weight loss according to studies and the lady who told me otherwise was wacko. so, all that to day I’ve gone back on my meds and am gonna look at them as what they are-tools to help me on my journey.

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