The Morning After…my first Back to back class day ever!

Hey! So last night i took pilates at 5:30 and then Body Pump at 6:30. Kim wasnt there for pilates and the sub instructor was great but was very focused in lower body work which made me a little nervous about Body Pump. i left Pilates about 15 min early (which was a lot earlier than neccesary) and wasnt sure what to expect from myself in Body Pump. overall class went well- i think i did better on squats but i fell apart on lunges- my feet still really hurt. all the weights just felt really heavy even tho they were the same weights i’ve used before. i did really well at abs! i went to sleep last night expecting to be really hurting today but SHOCKINGLY i’m not sore at all- just a little stiff! i know i had a good workout though. because i’m not sore today, i’m gonna do the jackie warner DVD i have this morning, and then some cardio at the gym tonight. i can work out super hard today because tomorrow is my day off!

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