OOH! Update!

OK so it;s been a few weeks. slacker mae. i have finally managed to begin to get into a gym routine, with the help of my awesome husband. he joined the gym with me a week ago, and we are having a blast. Side note: this blog is gonna get updated more often, because this thursday my new netbook is being delivered which means i can update on the go and stuff! WHEE@! so. Scott and i are making a habit of going to the gym every day but thursday, and so far haven’t done a bad job. we’ve missed 2 days and gone 4 so far- and the misses were caused by the pager, which won’t be a problem from here on out. i’ve readjusted my short term goals but have kept the overall goal date of 5/18 (though the official final measurements will be on 5/21 because it;s a friday) first goal date is now 4/2 with a goal of looking good in my size 12’s and weighing 185. the weight matters a lot less than the measurements to me as i carry weight differently than most women apparently. i’ve gotten a lot better about taking my vitamins and medicine, which is a plus. still tryin to sort out my sleep, but i imagine that will regulate as i get more into the gym and stuff. Jason Lacy has offered to help me lose weight, and i’m really thankful. so far he has me drinkin more water which is a challenge for me as i hate the stuff. i’m cheating a little by drinking lots of herbal teas iced- which generally has the same effect. havent yet figured out what to do about my feet- i have the insoles, but my feet were killing me during squats the other day, so tonight i’m gonna try body pump without them and see if there is a difference. tonight’s workout is Pilates with Kim H (my FAAAAAVORITE instructor) and immediately into Body Pump with Emilie. it’ll be my first back to back but i think it’ll be good. i’m so excited!!

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