if you know me, you know that i am relatively conscious of what i eat. i always tell everyone- and it;s true- that i don’t have a food problem- i could lose this weight by exercising consistently without changing my diet at all. But, it’ll probably come off a lot faster if i am a little more aware of what i’m eating and when. “Dieting” doenst work for me. eating healthy is a lifestyle choice and a matter of being intentional. when i start losing weight (because. yes, i
ve been down this road a number of times…) i only really count calories the first week or so, to make sure that i’m really eating what i think i am. as a recovering bulimorexic with obsessive tendencies, it;s really not healthy for me to constantly obsess over everything i put in my mouth- it’s downright dangerous. so- though i think they are SO useful- i do not keep a food journal or track my food after week 1. for me it’s a matter of making sure i have multiple healthy options in the house for each meal and snacks. this morning i sat down and made a quick list with 7-10 options for each meal (knowing i’ll come up with more on the fly) that are healthy and blanced to support my fitness goals. then i made a grocery list to make sure i have what i need for these meals in the house. surrounding myself with “friendly” foods makes it possible to indulge in a few reduced fat oreos or a bowl of ice cream on a day i’ve had a good workout.

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