Wakeup Call/Starting place

ok. i haven’t felt good about my weight/fitness level ina loooong time. but last friday i had a huge wakeup call. i saw this picture:
it’s a great pic in that i love the girls in it, the girl that took it, and it was a great retreat. but i look at myself and i don’t see me. i see someone fat and yick and unhealthy. i know i’m my worst critic and all but this picture brought me to tears. i thought i was doing ok at keeping the weight off. i haven’t made it to the gym since early december because of health and stuff and i thought well i won’t lose weight but i can maintain, right? umm no. i weighed myself yesterday (monday, 2/8)morning and discovered i’d gained back 11 lbs since i was last at the gym. this brings me to the second point of this blog post- where i am starting from.

  • Weight: 200 lbs. (down 25 from highest/up 50 from goal)
  • Waist: 36 inches (even with highest/8 inches from goal)
  • Hip: 45 in (down 1 inch from highest/9 inches from goal)
  • Thigh: 25 inches: (down 1 in from highest/8 in from goal)
  • Arm (thickest point of upper arm): 13 inches (3.5 inches from goal)

So. the plan is to start this week working out M/T/W/F/Sa/Su.


  • lose 50 lbs and 28.5 inches by May 18 (14 weeks from today)
  • lose 15 lbs and be a size 12 by March 3 (3 weeks from tomorrow)


  • Week 1: 2 classes m/w and one class each on T/F/Sa/Su
  • Week 2: classes same as above but adding 30 min cardio
  • Week 3: same as above but 45 min cardio
  • Week 4-14 same as above with 60 min cardio.


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